Rewards Program

With the Speedy Mike’s Rewards Program, you’ll earn points with every wash which you can redeem for FREE WASHES. Sign up today and start earning points!

Step 1: Download the App

Step 2: Create Your Account

1. Click the “Sign Up” button

2. Fill in your personal information

3. Click “Sign up a new vehicle”

4. Either click “Take a picture”, and take a photo of your license plate OR click “Add manually”

5. Enter the vehicle’s information. Your License Plate is how the system tracks your rewards.

6. Confirm your vehicle is added properly and start earning points!

Step 3: Start Earning!

When you purchase a wash on-site, you will receive rewards points that you can track in your Speedy Mike’s App.


The system tracks these points based on your vehicle’s license plate, so be sure to have that attached to your account!


You can have multiple vehicles on your account all adding up rewards points.


VIP = 5 pts

Premium = 4 pts

Deluxe = 3 pts

Basic = 2 pts

Step 4: Redeem


When you proceed to the kiosk and the system reads your license plate, the kiosk screen will automatically reflect your account and the points accumulated. 

If you have the required amount to redeem a free VIP wash, the button to “Redeem” wash will be available.